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Welcome to Austin Cupping Company.

Austin’s home for cupping massage therapy, or as we call it Cupssage. It’s like a massage but 10 times more effective. If you’ve never tried, you need too!
Sports Cupping Austin

Sports & Injuries

Cupping Therapy is great for Sports Injuries on both young & old. Seemed to help Michael Phelps win more gold medals than anyone in history.


Massage Cupping Therapy uses suction  (negative pressure) to pull and stretch the body’s tissues. Lengthening muscles allowing increased blood flow and healing.


A regular massage means getting work on one spot at a time. Cupssage allows you to get multiple spots worked at once.

Deep without Pain

When performed by a Certified Cupping Therapist your treatment will be deeper than any therapy you’ve ever received. Affecting change in one session without pain.

Austin Cupping CO.

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More Info

Austin Cupping Company is located inside Infinity Wellness Center in South Austin. 12 minutes from Downtown, 7 minutes from everywhere else. We schedule appointments Tuesday & Wednesday 9am to 1pm.

Address: 5000 Davis Lane #106
Austin, Texas 78749

Phone: 512.699.7410

Business Hours: Tues-Wens 9am-1pm